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BaBylissPRO Hair Clipper Comb Attachment Set

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BaBylissPRO Replacement Clipper Comb Attachments

Your cost-effective solution to replacement comb attachments for BaBylissPRO clippers. No need to hunt around for individual replacements for lost combs– this 8 piece comb set is complete, and great value also. Set also includes two new .5 (1.16”) and 1.5 (3/16”) guards. The 8 piece BaBylissPRO Hair Clipper Comb Attachment Set is designed to seamlessly fit FX811 Volare / FXF811 / FXB811 / FXB811 / FX671 / FX668 clippers.


  • Replacement clipper comb attachments
  • Colour: Red
  • Designed to fit FX811 / FXF811 / FXB811 / FXB811 / FX671 / FX668
  • Attachment No. 0.5 (1/16”, 4mm)
  • Attachment No. 1 (1/8”, 3mm)
  • Attachment No. 1.5 (3/16”, 5mm)
  • Attachment No. 2 (1/4”, 6mm)
  • Attachment No. 3 (3/8”, 9mm)
  • Attachment No. 4 (1/2”, 13mm)
  • Attachment No. 5 (5/8”, 16mm)
  • Attachment No. 6 (3/4”, 19mm)
  • Includes .5 (1.16”) and 1.5 (3/16”) guards

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