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Argan Deluxe Non Ammonia Permanent Colours

A unique and amazing hair colour for Australia with 8 breathtaking features:

• Innovative Argan FUSION Oil Wrap technology, more protective to hair fibers when delivering colour.
• Formulated with NO AMMONIA, NO ODOUR, mild scented fragrance of soft summer blossom.
• 51 rich, vibrant inter-mixable shades for a broad spectrum of colour services.
• Brand new 110/0 Mixable Blonding Cream (3-4 level lift) and 130/0 Super-lift Blonding Cream (5-6 level lift), special DAMAGE FREE bleach to help achieving desired blonde color.
• Excellent cool shades such as 6/1 Ash and 6/2 Beige to achieve desired result immediately on black hair WITHOUT BLEACHING away warm pigments.
• Extraordinary reds and purples formulated with P5+ (vibrant red) and V007 (vibrant violet).
• Specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing ALLERGY.
• Outstanding LIFTING POWER compared with other non-ammonia color.

Why Argan Oil?

Argan oil is rich in nutrients such as omega 3, omega 9 and vitamin E. It can hydrate and restore hair’s natural moisture balance and helps revitalise dry, brittle and damaged hair. Used regularly, it'll leave your hair smooth, shiny, manageable and stronger.