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WildColor Colour


Whether you want to go lighter, darker, ombre or stick with basic highlights - whatever you choose, we want to help you choose the best hair dye colour.

WildColor has ultra-modern colors, which offers the possibility to choose from a large quantity of shades, including a unique world-class range of 10 natural colors with 86 nuances. So without having to mix the color nuances, any natural coloration needed can be restored.

There is a wide range of fashionable shades to choose from, and are formulated to 100% grey coverage. The extremely high standards of production enable a control of the pigments, which has never been achieved before.

The colours of WildColor are designed to have a balanced stoichiometricalley formula. Professional users are guaranteed safety and quality, in addition WildColor is prepared for the strictest regulations in the world. Furthermore, following the global development, which continues to increase in allergies and sensitization, it has become necessary to create specific color lines which cater for these needs.

Colours are available in a convienient 180 ml tube, with a dilution ratio of 1:2, when mixed with 360 ml of a WildColor oxidizing emulsion in cream, it allows you to attain 540 ml of a complete product, giving approximately 6 applications of hair dye. If you wish to view more information or purchase a colour, please visit our supplier by selecting the colour title or image. For best results use our colours in conjuction with our Lighteners and Peroxides which can be found here.