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Emsibeth Cosmetics Cromakey Multi Benefit In

Cromakey-In Multibenefit is the evolution of colour. The Intense Color System, heart of the Cromakey-In colour, is enriched by new Active Ingredients including D-PANTHENOL, PRICKLY PEAR OIL, ALFA-BISABOLOL and UV FILTERS that thoroughly moisturize, give extreme brightness, improve flexibility and elasticity of the hair. REFLEX TECHNOLOGY increases brightness thanks to its double-sided system. A first highlight shines on the hair surface, the second intense and bright, reaches the heart of the hair itself, ensuring total brightness. The 98% pure Essential Micro-pigments penetrate even deeper, anchoring to the internal structure of the hair. The colours are bright, shining, intense and do not change over time. It guarantees total coverage and leaves hair soft, silky and shiny. All of this makes Cromakey-In Multibenefit the new-generation cream colour. Cosmetic hair colour cream.


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