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Diamonds Brazilian Keratin Straightening Solution 1000ml. - WAHairSuppliers

Diamonds Brazilian Keratin Straightening Solution 1000ml.

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Diamonds Brazilian Keratin Straightening Solution 1000ml. 

1) The  hair stays permanently for 4 months depending on the growth
2) The  hair maintains its permanence for 4 - 6 months according to the given shape (water wave, broken blow dryer, etc.)
3)  It renews the keratin layer that is diminished from chemicals than before. it has a lively, healthier and brighter appearance.


Diamonds Brazilian Keratin Straightening Solution 1000ml. Brazilian Blowout Application

1-  To get successful results, it is necessary to wash the hair with its own shampoo that cannot contain sodium. In the first stage, the conditioner is not applied and the conditioner is used for care after the Brazilian blow.
2- Hair 

After the Diamonds Brazilian Keratin  shampoo is washed, the hair is dried with blow dryer. Hair will not be dried completely and will be left slightly moist. 

3- Hair is prepared for Brazilian keratin application.   
4-  Brazilian keratin is applied to slightly moist hair. Starting from the bottom (leaving a 1 cm gap close to the scalp), 3 brush strokes keratin is applied to the bottom and end of the hair base, as it is distributed by brush, but do not apply very dense keratin such as paint. An average of 30 to 80 g of Brazilian Keratin is enough for one person.  
5-  After applying the Brazilian Keratin to the hair, collect the hair on the top and wrap it in the foil and wait for 40 minutes in the mizample machine. Hair should remain slightly moist before proceeding with straightening.
For a better sealing of keratin, do not blow dry the hair and dry it completely.   
6- The  hair is separated from the front to the neck from the front to the neck, and the left and right sides are divided into 2 above the ears. In other words, the hair is divided into four equal parts and prepared to be pressed with a professional hair straightener.
7-  Hair with Brazilian Keratin applied is smoothed with a professional press at high temperature (average 230 watts). Dyed highlighted hair is straightened at 160 - 170 degrees. 200-210 degrees straightening can be done on healthy hair without dyes. To be good, do not straighten your dyed hair at 230 degrees. But straightener should be kept 7-8 times in each pinch of hair.
Note: For Platinum, Light Color Highlights, use a maximum of 160 - 170 degrees hair straightener. Make sure that the hair straightener is set to Professional Heat. High heat may cause discoloration in hair with Rosella. At very high temperatures, it can go until your hair breaks.
8-  When you have completed the above items, you have made the Brazilian blow dryer permanent hair, after which you do not wash your hair for 1 day.

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